"Rock Delight": Lanre Da Silva Ajayi

Lanre Da Silva Ajayi has been one of Nigeria's premier womenswear brands. We had the chance to ask Brand Director, Onyinye Fafi Obi about their latest collection, "Rock Delight", and her stint as art director of the campaign!

Tell us about the makings of the visuals for this campaign?

While laying out ideas for this campaign, it was important that we integrated what the brand has represented for many years now: the symbol of sophistication, while also defining how graceful every lady feels in Lanre Dasilva Ajayi. We envisioned something powerful and visually appealing to represent the thoughts that went into creating each piece- the dynamics of the fabrics and how they accentuate a bold idea of femininity.

What do you think separates the Lanre da Silva girl from others?

An LDA woman, without even trying to, becomes a vision to behold. There is an element that evokes elegance with every LDA piece. I coined a nickname for a woman dressed in LDA, "Power Babe" because she is a force to be reckoned with. As a brand, we strive for excellence which involves producing pieces which will stand the test of time and make every LDA woman feel sophisticated and feminine.

What was the underlying message of the collection?

There is a richness in the history of Nigeria through rocks and the precise beauty of it that is often noticed but easily forgotten. So we wanted to create a beauty that could last and one that can be embraced, hence the Rock Delight collection. It was heavily inspired by the infamous Olumo Rock and a perfect juxtaposition of the strong nature of rocks. We created pieces that were bold, yet delicate.

As the art director what was the biggest challenge in putting the visual together?

Assembling a team and getting each and everyone to see through your eyes. I think this is the most challenging aspect of directing a Brand, especially through art. You have this ball of ideas hovering around and you can see it as much as you can feel it, yet the task becomes tremendously tedious when getting everyone who is involved to reason as you do. But I am happy that we arrived at that place, wherein the models and the photographer and the make up artiste, down to the assistant, could sniff the vision in which the collection erupted from and where it was heading to.

Photographer- Silvia Dee    ||     Stylist- Ola Ebiti    ||    Assistant Stylist- Emily Midwood  ||   Makeup/Hair- Vicky Alice