CompoZer Spotlight: Denola Adepetun

Denola,  or Denolagrey as the world knows him is on the brink of reaching the highest levels of media personalities in the diaspora. Get to know him for a bit now because he's coming to a TV screen near you! 


CompoZition: How would you describe what it is you do to a random stranger?

DA: Essentially I am a men's style and fashion enthusiast that blogs his personal style and has now taken it a step further into being a media personality . I generate content for shows I am part of which usually pertain to men's style. I am also a freelance fashion consultant 

CompoZition: What are the perks of your job that you enjoy the most?

DA: I am in charge of my schedule and I get to have fun and make a living just by being myself 

CompoZition: You were raised in Nigeria but attended university in the states, how do you think that has shaped your outlook on fashion?

DA: I think I was formally introduced to my fashionable self in the states .. It has and will always be influenced by trends that come out of the states . Also because the states is such a melting pot of different cultures , I have a less myopic view about trends and fashion risks .

CompoZition: Which designers from the continent (Africa) should we be on the lookout for? Why?

DA: Orange Culture , David Tlale , Laurence Airline. This is because these three brands have used innovation to put out collections that actually make people excited about fashion again. They're all bold in their resolve and it shows in the execution of their respective collections .

CompoZiton: Do you think you would have progressed this much in your career if you were to have stayed stateside?

DA: I think for what I'm doing it is pretty saturated there. Here , I can confidently say that I am the first of my kind . Would I have loved to do what i   doing now , in the states? Of course!!but it's easier to get international recognition from here .. It's all about supply and demand .

CompoZition: What is one misconception you feel Americans have about Africans in the industry?

DA: I feel that they do not rate  our ability to create our own designs out of innovation. I think they feel like we are not as fashion forward as they are which in all honesty is very far from the truth . The average nigerian is a peacock. He/she loves to look good . We stay on top of trends worldwide and in our own backyard .

CompoZition: What is your definition of a compoZer? Do you think you exhibit some of those characteristics?

DA: I think a compoZer is someone who is chill and has reached a level of self awareness to where they are confident in their outlook on things and are able to create under any circumstance. Indefinitely thing I am a compoZer .. I don't take myself too seriously , but I am also confident in the kind of person I have become . This has helped me advance significantly 

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