Life is just complex simplicity....

The term complex simplicity has become my life mantra ever since I was introduced to the phrase by the R&B goddess, Teedra Moses back in '08. My muse and I were having a casual conversation about wanting to just be. free. (among boys and other things lol ) while sitting around the house. So we decided to get some test shots off in the moment and just lived! Let the lyrics guide your thoughts as you take in the images. Enjoy....  

Everybody's worried bout tomorrow
Will they see tomorrow
I'm just tryna get mine off today
Mama said tomorrow ain't promised
So I'm tryna live like it's my very last day

You can't spend your life
Being in fear of all that may be
You gotta press on, you gotta be free
You gotta breathe
Inhale, exhale, come on 

photography: me || muse: tiara marei