is a full service company based on the visual elements of composition: form, space, texture, and depth. We seek to create an effortless experience for each client in the areas of photography, production, and wardrobe styling. Call us an orchestra, or even a great piece of literature if you wish. All in all, we are a body arranging those key elements which are crucial to sustaining proper placement for you starting today and beyond... 

Unique James [founder]

The creator behind the company is a free-spirited, ever changing, and fearless soul. The industry of fashion collided with her upon her graduation from business school at Howard University. Her journey has taken her all over the USA and beyond to the African continent where she has also sought to bring light to the experiences of those within fashion from the diaspora. She is the true definition of composition. Welcome to this stratosphere, where everything somehow works together to form a cohesive story combined with a hint of funk. 

                         email: info@compozition.org